Laser Hair Removal

Free yourself from unwanted facial and body hair with our Vectus Laser Hair Removal treatment.

Why the Vectus?

It’s faster, smarter, and a more comfortable technology. Specifically, it features the largest spot size and most uniform beam profile available today, allowing us to quickly treat large areas of unwanted hair – just minutes for back or legs. A sapphire treatment tip with advanced contact cooling helps protect your skin’s epidermis and keeps you comfortable throughout the shorter treatment. A photon recycling and uniform beam profile allows for the most thorough coagulation of hair follicles and this reduces the need for multiple, overlapping passes during your procedure. Finally, it has the only FDA-cleared integrated Skintel melanin reader so we can individualize laser hair removal for your particular hair and skin type.

How long does a Laser Hair Removal treatment take?

For small facial areas, the treatment takes only a few minutes. Larger areas, such as legs or back, can take about 15 minutes each.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime with Laser Hair Removal. You can resume normal activities immediately. Your skin may appear to be flushed or tender at first, but that should disappear within a few hours.

What does a Laser Hair Removal treatment feel like?

Comfort levels vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts for the duration of the treatment.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?

Most patients notice significant reduction in hair density within the first two to three Vectus Laser Hair Removal sessions, improving even more over four to six treatments. Treatments are generally six to eight weeks apart depending on face and body area. Package deals are available, but even single à la carte treatments can be purchased for your ‘once-a-year touchup’ if needed.

Are there any side effects?

After treatment, you may experience redness or bumpiness in the area for a few days. Ice packs, cool water, aloe vera gel, or plain cortisone cream can soothe it.

What do I need to know before my first Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Do not wax, pluck, or thread hairs during the few weeks prior to laser hair removal; the laser requires the follicle target to be mature to be effective. You must, however, shave or depilate (depilatory creams include Veet or Nair) the area a day or two prior to laser hair removal, so long hairs above the skin surface do not trap laser heat. Towards the final few treatments, you can allow any last few patches of hair to grow out a bit (a few days) before coming in for treatment, to focus on those areas. In between treatments, feel free to shave or depilate.

Wear sunscreen to protect the treated areas. Do not have laser hair removal done if you are already tanned or plan on getting a tan soon after. Some hair follicles are resistant to laser hair removal unfortunately. Often the lightest colors or grey hairs will not respond at all.