You may now book appointments directly through the Tribeca Skin Center Patient Portal. Before booking an appointment on the portal, you must FIRST UPDATE YOUR INSURANCE INFORMATION: navigate to My Chart > Patient Information > Additional Info section.

    If your appointment requires a deposit, we will charge your credit card on file. If there is no valid credit card on file, your appointment will be canceled, so please call the office to confirm.

    To register for the Patient Portal the first time, please fill out this form to receive an invitation:
    Patient Portal Access Request Form.
    If you forget your username or password, you will need our practice ID to reset it: SZPHKT.

    To request an appointment using date/time ranges instead, you may fill out the form below.

    Please be as specific as possible. For example you can say: Mole Check, Skin Cancer Screening, Acne, Rash, Nail Issue, Cortisone Injection, Hair Loss, Mole Removal Surgery, etc.

    Check all that apply. If you aren't sure, check "other" and provide a description of what you are looking for. For most appointments, your credit card on file will be charged a deposit of $100-$1000, depending on the treatment.

    Note that some laser appointments require you to arrive up to an hour before your appointment time for numbing.

    By clicking Send, you are initiating an email to Tribeca Skin Center. Email is not a secure form of communication.