Vanquish ME

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Vanquish ME is the proven non-invasive body contouring procedure from BTL, one of the most well-respected body contouring companies, that targets problem areas on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Vanquish ME is an energy-based procedure that delivers controlled, comfortable, doses of therapeutic heat to the target zone, firming and smoothing problem areas over time. The Vanquish ME CORE targets the abdomen (flank to flank) and the Vanquish ME FLEX targets the inner and outer thighs.

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How does Vanquish ME work?

Vanquish ME uses a non-invasive Radio Frequency technology to deliver deep heating up to 45C to the layer of adipose tissue (fat) below the skin. This high heat effectively induces fat cell apoptosis (cell death). The cell is still there– not cauterized or sucked out of the body– but stunned so much that it starts to break up. Its organelles get resorbed, and in the case of a fat cell, the lipid contents get released into the surrounding space. Those lipids are collected into the lymph system, and ultimately your body excretes them. Over time, your body eliminates the fat from the treated area.

Can Vanquish ME replace liposuction?

Vanquish ME is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. Vanquish ME is not liposuction, and will not achieve the same results. With Vanquish ME, however, there are no side effects nor risks of surgical complications.

How does Vanquish ME differ from Coolsculpt and Kybella?

With Vanquish ME there are no needles, no pushing or pulling of tissue into a vacuum device like Coolsculpt, which uses freezing to crystallize the fat (cryolipolysis), and no pain or numbness that is often associated with that treatment. Vanquish ME Core can be easily used on the abdomen (flank to flank) and Vanquish ME Flex can be used on the thighs, whereas Kybella is currently approved only for the submentum (under chin area).

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish ME?

Vanquish ME is the ideal treatment for both women and men that live a healthy lifestyle but have problem areas that neither a no-carb, no-sugar diet nor any amount of crunches or 5K runs can resolve. Basically anyone who wants to decrease the circumference of abdomen and thighs – regardless of BMI. Patients who cannot be treated with Vanquish ME include: those who have active implants (IUDs, cardiac pacemakers, internal defibrillators, cochlear, insulin pump), tumors in the target area, or metallic implants in the target area of any kind, including joint replacements, screws, rods, or stents. Pregnant women should not be treated.


Vanquish ME treatments are safe for all healthy patients who want to improve problem areas where exercise and diet aren’t effective enough. The “Core” applicators are designed to target the entire abdomen (flank to flank) and the “Flex” applicators are designed to target inner thighs, outer thighs and saddlebags.

What does a Vanquish ME treatment feel like?

Body sculpting doesn’t have to be painful. The Vanquish ME is the only non contact body contouring procedure.Most Vanquish ME patients find the procedure comfortable and therapeutic. Patients often describe the sensation as a warm heating blanket; you feel the treatment working, essentially the feeling of the “fat being slowly melted away”. You will likely have slight sweating during the treatment. Due to the Selective RF technology, only your fat layer is heated and affected. There is no need for any type of pain medication before or after the treatment.

When will I see results? How long do they last?

Truly appreciable visual results are not seen until 2-3 weeks following the procedure, though some very in-shape, younger patients may notice results sooner.

How many Vanquish ME treatments will I need?

The recommended number of treatments is 4 sessions over the course of several weeks. Treatments are usually scheduled about a week apart and patients have reported results as soon as within 2 weeks. There is no harm in maintenance sessions after the initial treatments as desired, because of the easy non-invasive nature of Vanquish ME.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes only 45 minutes per session for the abdomen or 1 hours for the thighs (30 minutes per leg).

Can I do EMSculpt with Vanquish ME?

Yes! EMSculpt can be combined with Vanquish ME for even quicker results, muscle tone, and more fat reduction. Your Tribeca Skin Center Board-certified dermatologist can put together a recommended treatment plan based on your BMI and desired results.

What do I need to do before my first Vanquish ME treatment?

Drink a lot of water the 2 days before your treatment, the day of your treatment and for the 4 days after your treatment. This will enhance and accelerate your results. We also encourage light physical activity, such as walking, soon after your treatment.