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Categories: Creases/Laxity/Sagging / Dullness/Rough Skin/Scars / Fine Lines / Wrinkles

Fillers are used to smooth out “smile lines” and vertical lip lines around the nose and mouth, define cheekbones, reduce tear trough, volumize lips, and fill in other creases of the face, including areas of pitted scarring. Subtle use of filler enhances facial features, restores volume where needed, and reflects a youthful mood overall.

How do fillers work?

Is this like Botox/Xeomin?

What areas of my face can i get “filled”?

What fillers does Tribeca Skin Center offer?

What does the treatment feel like? How long does it take?

When will I see results? How long do they last?

Is there downtime?

Are there any side effects?


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